Outsized Interest Nashville?

But there’s always a but . . .

These days, it’s easy to brag on Nashville.

For sure, there are myriad impressive things we hear daily about Nashville’s propulsion to the top.

There are just as many things we don’t hear about Nashville’s race to the bottom.

Our newly elected John Cooper seems to have a “healthier” perspective than the outgoing Mayor.

Our public employees are over-worked and underpaid (Teachers, Police, 1st Responders, etc)

Inside the downtown core, we’re veritable whores for any companies that let it be known that they may be leaning towards establishing offices here.

Never mind the minor detail that the city is swimming in debt even as we offer these large incentives.

Absent are any visible signs that “preservation of the heart and soul of Nashville’s communities” matter.

Mayor Cooper has some interesting ideas regarding clawing ourselves out of this debt quicksand . . . beginning with ceasing the unnecessary practice of giving away the farm to attract more growth . . . . Instead of selling (or trading) real property (Valuable land), keep the ownership and Lease . . . . Reconfigure the flow of (some) money to pay down (pay off) some of these gargantuan debts.

As I write this, I am realizing that this is the same advice I would give a 1st time home buyer . . . hmmm.

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