Our Phoenix Rising Potential

Well . . . Seems COVID-19 is hitting the rest button for most of the world. What’s most eerie about this for me is the deafening absence of any signs of CHAOS.

We’re all in our “Safe Places” . . . taking shelter from an enigmatically pesky little virus fabled to have been unleashed by a vendor at a Marketplace in the Chinese City of Wuhan.

The agility and creativity of this virus is nothing short of mind-boggling for ALL of the “experts” . . . As time passes, it morphs – Seems to behave differently in different places. While it appears to be particularly lethal for frail elderly folks and/or people with “compromised” immune systems, it strikes down some people who, by all medical standards, are as healthy as oxen.

Our best game plan is a DEFENSIVE approach. The focus is to deny as many viral scores we can and our most effective weapon is our own self-imposed isolation.

Thank God Covid-19 hasn’t (yet) figured out how to disrupt the internet . . . or even worse – the power grid. Fear of these things happening is real as many humans rush to “prep” by buying copious amounts of toilet paper, dry goods, weapons, ammunition, and myriad other “survival necessities.”

Will this little virus convince the general population of the world that ALL of the “Leadership” (Governments) are dismal failures as they display their inept ability to “FIX THIS MESS”?

Because . . . THIS must be SOMEONE’S FAULT!

WHO will we BLAME?

After all, SOMEBODY must accept responsibility for this egregious scenario and PAY for their imbecilic inert efforts.

Is ANARCHY on the horizon?

Have I painted a clear enough depiction of the current state of affairs?

Let’s shift our mindset to one of possibilities . . . That everything happens for a reason!

Might it be time now for a new breath of re-Creation?

Consider all that has gone before us each personally and then the whole lot of us back to the beginning of that thing we humans manufactured commonly known as “TIME”.

As our way of life dissolves before our eyes, we imagine new ways of moving forward. Of the past, what bits do we carry with us as we intrepid explorers strike out on the adventure that is the next chapter of Humanity.

Of one thing I am certain . . . Breath – Circle – Bulletin Board – Marketplace will be our way of charting this new territory.

Each and every one of us has an unique set of skills and talents which serve the unique needs of others, and together, we will craft our new world experience.

We become Phoenix Rising . . .

What’s your role in this adventure?

I invite you to read and reflect upon this post and the accompanying song!

What does phoenix rising from the ashes mean

Let’s agree that this internet thing is FAR more significant than we have allowed us to believe . . . It is, indeed, the world’s Bulletin Board.

Go ahead!

Post your topic, and get moving.

Let’s GO!

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