I was tweaking my Linkedin profile last week.

My Mission was to disassociate myself from my prior Real Estate firm.

Years ago, Gary Keller steeped in me the importance of “MIND-Share” when it comes to marketing for EVERY independent Contractor. When you are an independent contractor, YOU ARE YOUR BRAND.

Your Clients are attracted to YOU and NOT the Brand under which you affiliate.

When you forget this crucial distinction, you dilute your personal power, as your loyal “peeps” forget you when they encounter opportunities to work with YOU and/or REFER you to work with their Family, Friends, and work associates.

Linkedin reminded me of the power of mindshare when they added #OPENTOWORK on my profile.

I am ALWAYS quintessentially OPEN to work doing the “work” I do as a Residential Realtor.

So . . . It’s up to ME (YOU?) to consistently and persistently remind MY Family, Friends, and their work associates that I am THEIR SOUL SOURCE for ALL things Real Estate anywhere on the planet.

I truly am


Are you?

Do your Family, Friends, and work associates know?

Maybe it’s time to focus on increasing mind-share, eh?

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