On being in the right place

One of my BIG goals for Pareto Realty in 2021 is to grow our team to 40 “Vital Few” members.

For me, THIS is a very important and complex doing.

It’s a difficult endeavor because WHO these new folks are is most important.

Will they be the “right” people with great diversity of culture, beliefs, perspectives, ideas . . . who honor our differences and leverage our strengths – believers of the simple premise that as each of us succeeds, we ALL succeed?

Knowing that there is always potential for conflict within any group of humans, will these passionate humans take responsibility for holding the space of our collective culture by acknowledging our differences with a willingness to bend as we challenge each other to perform at our smoothest potential?

I’m in conversation a with a few prospects (Mutual Interviews). I am refreshed to hear them being VERY careful about this process of finding their “Right Place” – one which feels like family and has an environment that supports an optimal level of “production” . . . to support the quality of life they want and deserve. When we feel “at home” with our work team/family, we are happier, healthier, and more productive.

In the Real Estate Sales industry, there are myriad business models. Some of these have very high degrees of difficulty to understand . . . “splits” to the company range from “100%” (which is never the truth, else how would the company make money) all the way to 30% of the gross commission.

My advice to new agents trying to decipher which plan is best for them is to disregard the “splits” and the other “bells and whistles” and focus on what you get for your hard earned money in the way of appropriate coaching, training, and solid Broker Support . . . AND the ambiance of the place.

How do you FEEL about the Broker and other members of the company you might know?

Having been a Principal Broker for over 2 decades, my observation is that, when an agent is in the right place, the results are nothing less than flourishing – with relatively minimal effort.

All of this boils down to HAPPINESS!

You DO want to be HAPPY . . . Don’t you?

PS – If you’re anywhere in Middle TN and not “feelin’ the love” for your current company, and are contemplating exploring the other side of the fence to see if it’s “greener pastures” . . . I’d be honored to meet to learn if Pareto Realty is a “Right Fit” for YOU!



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