OMG! I didn’t bring my phone to the Celebration

In today’s all pervasive digital environment, it’s common knowledge that if there aren’t any pictures or video, it didn’t happen.

We are expected to document each and every experience and publish this “proof” that it happened in all of our myriad social media in real time . . . even better if we do a “Watch Party” or FB LIVE broadcast.

We dutifully oblige our peeps by being prepared (Cell phone fully charged and ready to shoot) . . . If we’re really on our game, we’ll pre-announce our to be attendance at said event with a promise to share the experience with anyone and everyone who cares to “be there.” (digitally)

At what cost?

How much of the the experience do we miss as we scramble to capture that perfect shot.

Where, really, is our attention?

Are we at this event to entertain ourselves . . . or for bragging rights for having been there . . . event though we weren’t really fully there because we were too busy with our photo-journalistic pursuits?

Yesterday, daughter Allison had a very special ceremony in a very special place The St Cecilia Motherhouse.

I was a tad late arriving, so I was in a hurry . . . accidentally left my phone mounted in the truck and started the hike to the door . . . 1/2 way there, I realized I was phoneless . . . Stopped . . . thought it through, and decided not to go back to fetch it . . . better not to be later than I already was.

As it happened, I arrived in the sanctuary at EXACTLY the PERFECT time – The procession was just commencing . . . and it was awe inspiring . . . I reached for my phone to take a picture and realized that I would have to make the best of being fully present throughout the ceremony 🙂

The ceremony was a Catholic Mass followed by a “Blessing of the School rings” of the graduating class of 2020. This was a fabulous experience that was SO much richer for me sans the digital distraction.

Indubitably, had I had my phone, I would have checked messages and been way less present throughout the ceremony.

I know this might be scary for you, but give it a try!

Abandon your cell phone occasionally, so you can authentically enjoy real life experiences.

I talked more about this in my Drive time video this morning!

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