OFFLINE Digital Strategy?

For years, I have been coaching the “Vital Few” agents of Pareto Realty to build a niche business with 80% of “marketing” by leveraging relationships.
Every day is about connecting with real people OFFLINE!
These are your “SOI – Sphere of Influence” contacts . . . The people you know, like, and trust who know, like, and trust YOU. A healthy business thrives when there’s a steady flow of new relationships.
When we have a mindset of building relationships instead of “selling houses”, we tend to be more successful with “homing” more people who become lifelong friends and advocates.
Most of us REALTORS work too hard doing the wrong things . . . We make things more complicated than necessary when what we know really fuels success is human to human interaction.
Below is one of the slides Nobu Hata displayed at the TNREALTORS Broker Summit a few weeks ago. Imagine this: the Director of Industry Outreach and Engagement Strategy for the National Association of REALTORS® is encouraging us to “Get people offline”.
Engage and win!.

How’s your current strategy working for you?
What can you tweak to employ more human engagement?
Give it a try!
I think you’ll like the $$$ results.

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