Negotiate with Integrity and Respect

We Realtors rely on each other to successfully sell and close home sales.

Our “jobs” are multifaceted, and I sometimes think that some Agents and Principal Brokers lose proper perspective – They develop amnesia – lose sight of the forest for the trees.

We confuse the difference of winning battles vs the war.

We forget that we CAN “pick our battles” . . . We can choose which bones to pick!

We can, with vigor, negotiate in good faith to “win” for our home buying/selling clients with civility and respect.

We can do this without petty squabbles which invariable have the same deliverables as rocking in a rocking chair . . . It keeps you moving but doesn’t get you anywhere useful.

Throughout my 27 year career as Real Estate Sales Professional, Principal Broker, and owner of Pareto Realty, I’ve literally shepherded thousands of clients and agents through difficult scenarios during this very important and complex process. As I look back on all these skirmishes, there’s ONE ingredient in the brew of EVERY one . . . a failure to communicate effectively.

Don’t forget why we’re in this negotiation!

Y’see? There’s this person or family who LOVES this house SO much they are willing to promise to buy it by signing a Purchase and Sale Agreement thereby committing to being “distracted” for 3-6 weeks accompanied by multiple SURPRISES along the way, and the tension that the stake is one of epic proportions. The emotional investment of buying a home is gargantuan.

Meanwhile, this seller or family is moving on from this home to a home that better fits a new lifestyle precipitated by any number of reasons all of which represent a vastly disheveled living scenario. Uncertainty is abound. “Will we be able to sell this house WHEN we need to move at a price that provides the equity they need in order to accomplish their mission.

These Buyers and Sellers are COMMITTED to this process.

As Realtors, our role is to “manage” (quarterback) no fewer than 42 people to complete the sale – Inspectors, appraiser, contractors, Lenders, Mortgage Lenders, Title companies.

We Realtors are the “keepers” of smooth communication.

That’s right!

The reality is that the ONE thing that can blow apart any real estate deal is . . . Lack of effective communication.

Interestingly, this principle translates universally in all collaborative pursuits.

Published by Barry Owen

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