#NashvilleProud Dodged 2 Bullets Last night

Today, I am especially proud of my Home Town Nashville, TN

Truthfully, I was expecting mayhem following the Scheduled “Teen Peaceful Protest” to begin @ June 4, 2020 @ 4 PM at the Bicentennial Capital Mall and to serpentine through the city with an 8:40 moment of silence at the National Museum of African American Music to Honor George Floyd and other black victims of Police brutality.

More than 10,000 people showed up.

These people were Nashvillians exhibiting who we are . . . DEMANDING Equal Social Justice . . . peacefully and led by our youth. The crowd consisted of every shade of color and ethnicity and beliefs and perspectives and ages.

It seems that we adults need to learn from our teens – They did this right.

View the Videos at this link – ESPECIALLY the Time Lapse – AMAZING

While I did not physically participate, I did watch on Channel 2 from start to finish and WOW! 
Literally tears in eyes the whole time – Proud of our young people, all the fine Nashvillians who participated, and our Police.
I see it as a “God Thing” that the “closing of the March” was punctuated by the skies opening up with torrential rain followed by brilliant SUN.
For hours beyond, there was a “Storm system” which began as “nothing to worry about” and developed into a straight-line storm which contained . . . TORNADOES!
Luckily, we were spared destruction by Humans and Nature.
Yesterday was a day I will not forget.
Humbling . . . 
Wishing you a fabulous Weekend!


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