Namaste – I bow to the Divine Within You

Every day this week, I have witnessed amazing good will and generosity emanating from SO many people helping people through these “scary and uncertain times.”

Each day, as the members of Pareto Realty selflessly serve their friends, family, clients and each other.

This is a steady flow Herculean feats to pull off “the Impossible” in an environment that is morphing by the hour. NOTHING is as it was last year, month, week, day . . . and yet these consummate Real Estate Sales Professionals are like mice in a maze not to get the cheese for themselves but to get it for all the people in their lives who they SERVE.

I felt compelled to validate their contributions to humanity with the following “Closing of the Week” message.

I hope that you, too, will observe others around you doing good and acknowledge them appropriately.

We are ALL in this together . . . All 7+ Billion of us.

Greetings Paretozoans!
Today, I focused on my “Planning and Calendaring” because I have a sense that we will begin to be more free to operate in the market in the coming weeks. Hopefully, there won’t be any significant set-backs as we all gear up to “full throttle” for this 2020 market.
I keep my finger on the pulse of the market by hosting daily zoom calls with a variety of smart people. This is not only useful but also inspiring.
When the world goes wonky, everyone reacts/responds differently depending on their predispositions . . . and uncertainty has the effect of AMPLIFYING the best and worst qualities of humans. It’s that “Fight or flight” mechanism we mammals have in our DNA.
With the environment the way it is (Economic, social, emotional), there’s more time and space for “silence” . . . and silence is especially disturbing for people like us Realtors and other Professionals who are DRIVERS.
This week, I have had many reasons to be proud of being in business with each and every one of you. The past few days, I have sent emails telling stories of successes (MIRACLES) that I am witnessing you consistently perform for your clients, your families, and your community. 
Just now, I received an unexpected FEDEX with a check and ALTA within. It was a check on the closing of a property that Andrew closed yesterday. Most of you have never met Andrew. There’s a solid reason for this. Andrew is  military full time Active Duty, and many of his real estate clients are people who serve with him . . . In most of Andrew’s listing deals, he takes no commission for himself . . . Instead he does what just happened – He collects enough commission only to pay his split to Pareto Realty. to honor and thank these soldiers for serving.
So . . . When you encounter an agent or client who is acting “crazy”, consider the circumstances and give them some forgiveness for not knowing what uncertain pressures they might be experiencing . . . and just continue doing as  you are wired as you are – like a duck – paddling like crazy underneath and calm and unruffled on the surface.
Another special mention . . . Debbie Buckner is masterfully dealing with a tumultuous situation which we hope will close today. Without her grit and determination, that Buyer would not make it to the closing table. 
Namaste – “I bow to the divine in each of you”
Wishing you a fantastic weekend   
Let’s GO!

Barry Owen
CEO/Principal Broker
Pareto Realty, LLC \pə-ˈrā-(ˌ)tō\

The Vital Few


I help people buy/sell houses in West Nashville & Brentwood As Owner and Principal Broker of Pareto Realty . . .I coach and support the “Vital Few” member agents of Pareto Realty in their pursuit of building and growing consistently productive niche businesses as they enjoy the healthy life rhythm they want and deserve.

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