Monday Morning Coffee – TTPP – Bringing your Power to Bear

At the end of our first soccer practice of the season, our revered Coach Marmolejo called the parents into a huddle and handed all of us a 3 sheets of paper stapled together and gave us a short explanation of how we would be coaching our young athletes this season.

The sheets came from the “U.S Soccer Curriculum,” and Coach later told me that these principles apply to ALL ages of Soccer players from preschool to world class . . .

That got my attention . . . What are these timeless/ageless principles, and how could they apply to our every day personal and professional lives?

On the Sheet were 4 categories of “Content”

Tactical – Attacking and Defending Strategies

Technical – Effective Ball Handling and Control

Physical – Strength, Endurance, Speed, Agility, awareness

Psychological – Motivation, Self-confidence, Cooperation, competitiveness, concentration,commitment, self-control, communication, respect and discipline

While in the Army, I learned a LOT about “Bringing Power to Bear” as we practiced coordination of myriad moving parts and people in support of a single mission with a single objective.

Our primary purpose in the Military was to “Project our Power” effectively as far as we could, and we knew that we could only do this if our Logistical Trains could keep up with the pace.

So . . . We had to train incessantly in peace times such that we could fulfill our mission.

Interestingly . . . Although the Army didn’t have the same labels, our training consisted of Tactical, Technical, Physical, and Psychological components . . . and our measure of success was that of “Readiness” when called to action.

No different than the game of soccer . . .

or ANY game . . .

Including the game of life!

How much attention do YOU pay to this notion of bringing YOUR Power to Bear on the things that matter in your life?

It begins with knowing your Purpose (Objective) . . .

Followed by a life-long regimen of training/learning/practicing Tactical, Technical, Physical, and Psychological proficiency.

What’s your state of readiness?

It’s never too late to begin (again).

Shine baby SHINE!

PS – I’ve developed a workshop that hones in on all of the above concepts beginning with a lot of work on determining Life Purpose and Goals – I call it “Life Rhythm” (Related to Life Balance), and ANYONE is welcome to participate. It’s 6 weekly, 2 hour sessions on Wednesdays 10-Noon starting April 10 . . . More information is here – Cost $75


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