Monday Morning Coffee – The Power of “Thank You!”

How many times do you hear “Thank You!” each day?

How many times do you SAY “Thank You!” each day?

When you hear “Thank You!” and/or say “Thank You!” how does it feel?

An unexpected, unconditional “Thank You!” goes a LONG way in today’s world.

My daughter Allison has perfected the “Thank you!” My estimation is that those 2 words “Thank You!” come out of her mouth at least 15 times a day. She is always genuinely appreciative of other people for who they are and what they do for her and others. The most often heard description of Allison is that she is a “Caretaker” . . . a person others like to be around.

Of course, Parents Debbie and I take ALL the credit for her graciousness ­čÖé

I remember as a child, my Mother would relentlessly demand that we write “Thank You!” notes for gifts given after Birthdays and Christmas within 2 weeks of the gifting. At the time, the sometimes threat would be that if we don’t send “Thank You!“s, we may not get any gifts at the next Birthday. We never tested that theory and always got it done.

No matter what has happened, there’s ALWAYS room for a couple of “thank You!“s.

Even when things haven’t gone so well and feedback or constructive criticism is in order, beginning with a taste of appreciation always seems to open the door for folks to “Seek to Understand” rather than defaulting to defensive postures.

Remember when your Mother told you: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”? . . .

What if – Instead of saying nothing, you simply say: “Thank you!

Every experience we have in our life is a lesson in our personal “School of life”

Every person who crosses our paths is one of our teachers.

Appreciate when you learn and thank those folks who provide new outlooks and experiences.

So . . . Give more “Thank you!“,s every day, and you’ll become a “Smile Creator” . . . and Thank God! it’s┬ácontagious.

Thank you!



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