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Good Morning!

When we think of “Professionals”, we think of folks who have the right tools, know how to use them, surround themselves with the right people (Who can help when the “problem” wanders out of their area of expertise), and have a commitment to learning [sponge].

Just because a person has the tools doesn’t make an expert (professional).

Experts play on the edge and question EVERYTHING – even the stuff that’s working . . . always on a quest to improve efficiency and/or find solutions to cure issues relating to their field affecting the people they serve.

Surgeons, Auto Mechanics, Chefs, Dentists, Attorneys, Painters, musicians, consultants . . . No one is exempt.

Each profession has it’s own “bag of tools” and success comes from having the right tools AND lots of practice mastering the trade.

We’re all fortunate that we live in a world in which professionals in virtually every field understand the above. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear of someone who had a rough experience working with a “professional” . . . resulting in that person finding the urge to do it better . . . thereby giving rise to career changes and new businesses in the community.

We’re in a land of opportunity and continuous improvement.

When something needs to be done around the house (Honey-Do), before committing to do it, consider FIRST: “What are the tools I will need to do this right? Do I have these tools, AND do I know how to use them?”

If the answer is “No!” to either of the above, the next question is: “Should I acquire these tools and commit myself to learning how to use them for this project? What will this cost? Will I ever need to use these tools or the specialized knowledge again?”

Will I ENJOY doing this?

If there’s even a glimmer of doubt, the best solution most likely includes consultation with a professional before doing anything.

I write this after having spent the day yesterday Washing windows in our house . . . and cleaning cars . . . For both projects, I first considered all of the above . . . very intentionally decided on what “Right Tools” to buy (squeegee, window soap, Ladder – Car soap, bucket, sponge, drying towel, leather conditioner) . . . and decided that doing these myself would be “good therapy” . . . and so I did it, and it WAS great therapy 🙂

When I need surgery . . . or an addition added to my house, rest assured, I’ll be hiring a professional.

On our Montgomery Bell Academy Linkedin group, there was a recent “Discussion Question” . . .

Do this and email it back to me @

In 60 seconds using no more than 10 words, what do you do for a living?

Mine is “Help people buy/sell houses and develop Pareto Realty

What’s yours?

Every day, I am on a concentrated hunt for new tools and processes to do what I do better and more efficiently so as to be able to serve my House Buying and Selling clients BETTER . . . and to provide the “best in the industry” tools and support for the Real Estate Sales Professionals associated with Pareto Realty.

We are “at the fringes” in both regards as we explore new and interesting (POWERFUL) tools to leverage our time and effort and deliver effective marketing.

How are we doing this?

Commitment to Learning!

What does that look like?

I literally spend an average of @ 6 hours every week in this “learning mode” – 2 hours coaching other people – 2 hours attending sessions (Continuing education & Seminars) – and 2 hours (every Friday) hosting Masterminds around Hot LOCAL Industry issues and opportunities.

As Zac Brown says: “Make each day better than the one before!

Just sayin’

Hope you have a great week!



PS – I and the agents of Pareto Realty are poised and ready to quintessentially serve house Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee – Contact me to learn more 🙂

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