Monday Morning Coffee – Practicing Independence

Happy July 4th!

I sure hope you have a FABULOUS day CELEBRATING our Independence as a country. While you’re at it, celebrate your FREEDOM . . . and do it all safely (and responsibly).

For most folks, holidays are good reasons to take a day or so off work and be a bum around the house – or travel – or hang with family and friends. I’m a large supporter of that happening. I just pulled a rack of ribs out of the fridge and fired up the grill to start the process of turning them into a “Fall off the bone” feast in about 6 hours.

We’ll find a fireworks display to watch tonight – Nashville has a superb show at the Riverfront Park.

So today is Independence day.

What does that mean for us?

How would things be different for us now had our ForeFathers not Declared our Independence in 1776?

We’ll never know, but often I think along a slightly different track. Yes! What happened in 1776 WAS crucial to getting the ball rolling . . .

The part that amazes me is all of the folks (Presidents, Leaders, activists, Lobbyists, Benefactors, etc) who have cared enough for these 235 years to PRACTICE INDEPENDENCE in a way that sustains and preserves that independence and our way of life (FREEDOM)  following said declaration.

Michael Beschloss wrote a book entitled “Presidential Courage – Brave Leaders and How they Changed America 1789-1989“. I’m not a huge History book fan, but this one has completely caught my attention (I’m on my 2nd reading). I think Mr. Beschloss missed the sub-title . . . It should read “Brave Leaders and How They Practiced Sustenance of the Independence of America.

No worries – No book review here other than to say that the book is a fascinating recount of each of the presidents during that 200 year span . . . the tough issues and decisions they faced and how they each muddled through . . . and it WAS muddling through because the job of “President of a FREE and INDEPENDENT United States of America” does NOT come with an instruction manual.

My invitation to you is that you take a little time today and EVERY day to consider how YOU can “Practice Independence.” Think about what things you can do now to make Leadership decisions that will create a better FREE and Independent YOU.

I know for certain that as you make these tough decisions, you will improve not only your own lot in life but also the loves of those people around you.

Just keep on practicing . . .

Just sayin’



PS – I believe Home Ownership is one of the premium benefits of an Independent and Free country . . . I founded Pareto Realty to assemble a group of top performing Real Estate Professional to Practice our art of helping Home Buyers and Sellers practice their own Independence at a very high level. Contact us when the time is right for YOU! 🙂



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