Monday Morning Coffee – I tried to cheat :-)

Good RAINY and THUNDERY Monday morning to you!

What’s this about me trying to cheat?

Well, I confess that I found this cool way to write a blog post and schedule it to be published later, so I wrote a post on Saturday and test-fired to myself to be delivered Sunday morning

YOU ARE HERE  – It’s a great little post about perspective 🙂

That’s when things started to go awry, and I learned my lesson. the post published immediately – then I couldn’t get the ever-so-critical “graph” to show up – then the computer had a conniption fit and vapor locked.

How could I even CONSIDER violating the sanctity of my Monday Morning ritual of grabbing a steaming hot cup of coffee and writing whatever is in my head til the cup is empty?

SO . . . It’s going to be “weather event” filled day for us here in TN. The local news continues to use “T” word (tornado) every chance they get because (I guess) they feel obliged to appropriately warn us . . . What did we all do before Doplar Radar?

Tis the season – Straight from a horrendous ice/snow storm to SPRING . . . in FEBRUARY?

Is winter over? The trees and daffodils think so . . . the animals are busy doing what they do in spring . . . and Mother Nature is providing what we need – Spring Rain . . . so . . . It must be SPRING.

I’ll take it . . . Maybe the pool can open in March this year 🙂

Guess what?

The real estate market is also showing signs of SPRING life. My gut feels like we are a month ahead of most years in terms of houses coming on the market and Buyers swimming around and shopping.

The climate DEFINITELY affects the real estate market.

We still have our challenges with the Economic climate, but truthfully that’s been around long enough that we old real estate professionals who have been weathering the storm this long hardly notice . . . It’s “same ol'” these days and we’re moving about the market with relative ease.

Most of us turned off the news a while back and have been focusing on the NOW without necessarily measuring it against the past or projecting it into the future.

I’m loving it because in many respects we are able to do more of what we enjoy the most about our profession – give more of ourselves as we help families with significant life transitions.

In my 18 years as a REALTOR, NOW is the most rewarding and emotionally fulfilling time of my career . . . because what we are doing now is AUTHENTIC and cannot be contrived . . . There are simply too many moving parts these days to play fast and loose games.

The basics are critical – Develop (discover) the vision of the client and move towards that vision with intentional and appropriate action.

My hope is that you will contact me when you (or anyone you know – Friend, Family, or Work Associate) has a real estate need (advice or Purchase or sale of a house) . . . We have a high performance team of professionals poised and ready to serve you impeccably.

Just sayin’




New Listings we have on the way

Debbie – 615-485-8833

Barry Owen

  • Coming soon – $499,500 – Williamsport – Custom 3,200 SF on 2+ acres
  • Oak Hill under $350,000 – 3/2 with Bonus Room
  • Newsome Station – 3400+ SF – under $300,000
  • 37212 – 1 block off Blair – @ $450,000

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