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Good morning!

This month’s book club book is Stephen Covey’s Everyday Greatness – Inspiration for a Meaningful Life. Follow the link to the “Pareto Store” where you can grab a copy so you can read along with us 🙂

How could you not be curious about a book by THAT title?

I’m just getting through the Introduction thus far and am already glad this book jumped off the Library shelf into my hands because I’ve always enjoyed (and learned from) Stephen Covey’s writings . . . and he begins with explaining THIS form of Greatness vs the common perception of “Greatness” (Famous Super-people who perform at miraculous levels).

“people who, despite the negative noise in the world, still somehow find ways to step up and do their part to make a positive contribution . . . EVERY DAY.”

and he lays out “Three Everyday Choices” that lead to this kind of Greatness (“Primary Greatness”).

  • #1 The Choice to Act – Will we ACT upon life, or will we merely be acted upon?
  • #2 The Choice of Purpose – To what ends, or purposes, will our daily choices lead?
  • #3 The Choice for Principles – Will we live our lives in accordance with proven principles, or will we suffer the consequences of not doing so?

The Zac Brown Band is one of my favorite bands.


Because they understand and live Everyday Greatness. Their PURPOSE is to serve their fans and their everyday commitment is for every day, every performance, every new song, to be better than the one before.

Normal everyday people practice everyday greatness without fanfare or celebration . . . it’s just what they do.

We ALL have this capacity . . .

The real question then . . . are you CHOOSING to ACT towards an end (a PURPOSE)?

THIS is all there is to separating those who DO (Perform/participate) at a very high level in life . . . and those who don’t.

Just keep on flying under the radar practicing random acts of kindness . . . and quietly enjoy your own greatness 🙂

Just sayin’



PS: I haven’t even made it to page 1 of the book yet . . . but I know It’s going to be worth the read as I continue to daily seek more and more opportunities to choose to practice everyday greatness. We’re creating a Real Estate Sales practice and firm Pareto Realty based on these simple principles with a fundamental “building community” focus.

Hope you’ll contact us when you (or someone you know) has a real estate need.

Last word . . . March 21 I am offering a “Life Rhythm Workshop” to explore this and other ways to find purpose and rhythm in personal and professional life . . . If you’re willing to commit 3 hours 9-12 that morning, contact me and I’ll save you a seat in the room

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