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Your level of anxiety determines your car’s MPG!


When you’re agitated and overwhelmed and anxious and have more to do than time to do it, your gas mileage will be LOW.

On better days when things are going well, and you’re feeling the FLOW and getting stuff done, and marveling at how everything is just falling into place as it should, your mileage will be HIGH.

Yep! When agitated, we’re RACING from one thing to the next. Even though we KNOW it won’t get us “there” any faster, we mash the accelerator to floor when the stop lights turn green, and we RACE to the next red light and slam on the brakes so as not to rear end the forward car.

THIS is hard on the car – Brakes – Tires – Engine . . .

THIS is also VERY hard on US – our bodies (tension), our minds (anxiety), and ours (and other people’s) safety.

Meanwhile, Granny who is driving in front of you in particular hurry gets “there” just as fast as we busy-bodies do.

It’s the Rabbit/Tortoise thing.

I have a new truck, and it gives me “Real-time” gas mileage. I’ve been playing with this concept and have quickly learned that taming my mood saves a minimum of 2 MPG in mixed city/Highway driving – 15.6 to 17.6 . . . simply by throttling my urge to race the clock.

The bottom line seems to boil down to this notion of being intentional in everything we do.

If, while driving, we could park our emotions and electronic devices and focus ONLY on driving, there would be far fewer auto CRASHES and many more MPGs for all of us.

So . . . I beg of you to give this a try.

Leave a little earlier.

Take a less busy route.

Travel at the speed limit.

Notice the landscape.

When you get to wherever you are going, you’ll be more relaxed and refreshed.

AND you’ll spend less money on fuel and car maintenance.

How ’bout them apples?

Published by Barry Owen

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  1. Thank you Barry Owen. For sending this post directly to me !! Verizon is always changing the ways that I receive information plus this Nashville area is definitely short on housing supply::
    Shirley Wright

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