Let’s make hay while the sun is shining

Good Morning!
Very little (if any) rain is in the forecast this week in Middle TN . . .


Spring has sprung in Owen Hollow –¬†Looks like Imma gonna hafta cut some grass next weekend.
In today’s Http://BarrysDriveTime.com, I talked about “deciding to start” . . .

That’s my theme for this week.

With the seemingly never-ending rain through February and continuing the 1st week of March, we’ve all had plenty of reasons not to do lots of things we know we “should” be doing.

That “ToDo List” isn’t going to complete itself, so let’s focus on deciding to start a whole lot of intentional forward motion . . . NOW!

Just in the past week, flowers are blooming, grass is GREEN, trees are budding, the toads have emerged (an annual trek from the creek bed to the ridge), seasonal birds are returning from their Southerly vacations . . . Let’s decide now to join the awakening and decide to get something started.

It is now time to make hay . . . Whatever “it” is – a new habit, Spring cleaning, that project you’ve been contemplating (procrastinating) . . . or . . .

Maybe THIS is the year for you to decide to make a REALLY big move to that neighborhood you’ve been watching . . . or to “down-size” or find that perfect house to grow into.

The real estate market has “cooled” to a much more palatable temperature. The pace is more comfortable. Values continue to rise but not nearly as explosively as the past few years.

Will 2019 be that year you decide to do that which you’ve been thinking you “should” do?

If so, let’s get together to explore the possibilities

I hope you have a fabulously fulfilling week.

Happy Spring!


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