Let’s get ready to get ready, but FIRST . . .

. . . we should learn everything there is to learn about this, shouldn’t we?

After all, our goal is to do this thing exceptionally well the FIRST TIME because we desire efficient expediency with ZERO tolerance for ANY deficiencies, absent any flaws.

We MUST practice, practice, practice (as we were taught in grade school) because we know “practice makes PERFECT,” and we strive for consistently masterful execution.

As we are practicing our fastidious ways, we may not be noticing our colleagues/ coworkers who are also doing this thing, BUT (shamefully) very recklessly. These rebels are making a MESS – doing SO many things WRONG. In fact, they seem to have abandoned the book of instructions altogether. We judge these heathens (as we should), because they are dishonoring this sacred process we are “supposed to be doing”.

As we’re shaking our heads at these wayward souls’ ways, we might notice something poignant . . . While these “cheaters” seem to be DOING (Instead getting ready to do) this thing unapologetically, they are ALREADY taking ACTION and are ALREADY reaping rewards in terms of production. Of course what they’re doing isn’t perfect to spec, but it’s marketable.

AND it seems that each time they (imperfectly) perform this process, the quality of the product improves.

In the Army, we called this OJT (On the job training)

So . . . If you’re wanting tangible results, memorizing the process doesn’t create the product . . . DO more DOING and less getting ready to do.

If the job is Lead Generation (The life-blood of EVERY business), Human to human interaction is the crucial MUST DO. Knowledge doesn’t build relationships . . . COMMUNICATION is the necessary DO!

Let Go!


Let’s GO!


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