Let’s do what we are wired to do

It seems that, for many of people in my current Circle, there’s much wonderment about what’s to come.

There’s a theme I’m sensing rising to the surface in most conversations.

It’s a movement away from the long-time discipline of the mandated, highly structured, time-blocked, busyness that we’ve practiced for generations often known as “A good day’s work at the office!”

There’s a rebellion brewing.

Ordinarily “responsible” workers have been forced to LEAVE their office environments and work from HOME, and while this arrangement was difficult to grasp initially, it literally became an over-night paradigm swing (much more dramatic than a mere “shift”), and the reviews are starting to come in.

Once I settled into my home office:

  • I’m more focused for longer periods of time because there are fewer random interruptions/distractions . . . fewer “Have you got a minute?” focus killers.
  • I’m getting WAY more done with less effort
  • My enhanced ability to prioritize all that needs to be done as
    • I must do now – Important and urgent
    • Must be done – Important and not urgent – I can do it later or delegate off my plate
    • Not important and urgent – I’m thinking about WHO considers this to be urgent before accepting responsibility to do it.
    • Not important and not urgent – Straight to the round file (Trash)
  • I LIKE working from home
  • and then there’re lots of folks pondering whether they want to stay in this “rat-race” . . . What a great opportunity this presents for us to “make a break for FREEDOM” from this stale “JOB”!

My suspicion is that one of the amazing long-term by-products of this Pandemic is a whole bunch of people finally finding their way to more happiness doing what they’ve always wanted to do but never did because of the “irresponsibility” of going rogue from the norm.


“The norm is no longer . . . “

Instead of returning to “normal”, we’re careening into “WEIRD” as we each recognize this magnificent opportunity to follow our own unique, genuine self in all of it’s glory.


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