Lean in to those who lean into you

Pay attention!

Be a noticer!

Who is showing up?

Why is this person here now?

I believe that we are ALL serial “inviters” tumbling along through life learning and teaching each other.

The great thing about this is that, just because this person has manifested (Physically, Virtually, or as a random thought), we ALWAYS have the choice of accepting the invitation . . . or not.

Aligning ourselves with people we know, like, & trust is important. These are the people who lift us up unconditionally.

Oddly, it seems that these are the same people who have full license to CHALLENGE and stretch us without judgement.

Lean in to those whom lean into you, and keep on inviting.

Published by Barry Owen

Residential Real Estate sales Strategist Search - Analysis - Negotiation - CLOSED Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.co Invite-Listen-Love

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