Laser focus blinds us to the ideas that won’t work

Seth Godin does it again!

Seth’s blog post today is Subconscious pre-filtering

Seth says: “All of us get an endless supply of ideas, notions and inklings. Successful people, often without realizing it, ignore the ones that are less likely to ‘work’, and instead focus on the projects that are more likely to advance the mission.

My commentary: “We can all learn to do this by simply knowing where we want to go and focusing on traveling the path of THAT azimuth. With this intensity, the ideas that won’t work are invisible to us“.

Such a refreshing insight on this day 🙂

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  1. Olá a todos, essa é minha primeira vez no
    site , e estou impressionado com o artigo , que é mesmo
    muito bom não só para mim, mas para todos que gostam do assunto .

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