Keep it smooth by communicating the process

Buying or selling a house ain’t rocket science.

It’s a process that’s “mechanically duplicatable” over and over and over and over.

We REALTORS know this and are able to develop models and systems to create efficiencies throughout every transaction . . . to smooth the edges and keep things smooth.

We know that our clients don’t do this every day. In fact, most home buyers and Sellers will only do this process a few times (less than 5) in their entire lives. Because of this, these folks have uncertainties and fears.

Add to all of the above the simple truth that this transaction is also one of the most significant personal events in their lifetimes with LARGE financial commitment and monumental potential for emotional overload, and BOOM!

So . . . How can we REALTORS most effectively allay these fears of the unknown?

First! We must understand that while WE know this process and are confident in our abilities to navigate the process with minimal drama and inconvenience . . . our clients may not be “there” with us. This isn’t because they don’t want to be, and it’s not because they are unreasonable . . . it’s because of what they may not know/understand.

There’s a reason that some of the best REALTORS are natural educators. Many of my colleagues are former school teachers and leaders who enjoy teaching, coaching, consulting, motivating people towards their goals.

I believe our FIRST “job” as Real Estate Sales Professionals is to appropriately educate our clients on the process before and throughout the process. We must always present a mantra of “Here’s what you can expect to happen next” in concert with defining the various options of courses of action the client can consider.

We must also comfort our clients with the assurance that there WILL be a few surprises along the way . . . things that may happen not according to the “normal” process . . . and not to fear because we are well equipped to to handle those scenarios.

As they say: “Don’t let’m see you sweat!”

Having said all of the above . . . Doesn’t it make sense for every REALTOR to document his/her process which will largely be similar to most other REALTORS but with some “Poetic License” granted for unique twists?

After defining the process . . . What if we were to break it into chronological bite-sized pieces in the form of informative emails which the client receives along the way?

THIS is easy to do yet seldom done.

There are SO many magnificent by-products of this practice in the eyes of our clients.

We “up our game” of professionalism.

Our clients can make decisions with confidence.

Our clients will have fewer questions along the way because they’re receiving the answers before they know the questions.

More smiles all around 🙂

Here at Pareto Realty, we have a “document” (Small book) which delineates the entire process as we do it. This is simply entitled: “The Guide”

We are in the process of breaking The Guide into a series of templated email messages which we can deliver to our clients from our transaction manager as the transaction proceeds, and in the interest of helping other REALTORS “raise the bar” I hereby share the idea.

Here’s to happier, better served Home Buyers and Sellers 🙂


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