Is the grass always greener?

Many times people make changes because they don’t like something about “NOW.”

Some change because they are “just ramblers”

Some do it by choice . . . others by necessity.

Because “Life Happens” . . . or isn’t happening as expected.

At some point in any change, this “Grass is greener on the other side” comes into play. Why would ANYONE go through the agony of changing (departing the “comfort zone”) unless the other side of the change is better than before?

The average person abhors change enough that things have to get VERY toxic to cause them to take action. Most will live in discomfort (knowing that change is inevitable) for a long period of time being an ostrich (Sticking head in the sand and waiting for the discomfort to simply go away).

A seldom asked rhetorical question that’s worthy of asking:

“Is this change you’re thinking about doing due to something for which YOU are responsible?”

You know you can’t run from yourself by changing your environment, yes?

If you keep on doing the same things, it doesn’t matter where you are . . . you’ll still get the same results.

So . . . CHANGE!


Do it for the RIGHT reasons and do very intentionally.

Be certain that as you change your environment you also take personal responsibility to change what’s inside YOU!

Otherwise you’ll just find more of the same on the other side of that fence.

I am actively looking for “Performance Oriented Real Estate Professionals” in Middle TN who are looking for a change (of Firm) . . . but I don’t want just anyone looking for a change because they’re running from something or someone . . . I’m looking for folks who are moving very intentionally TOWARDS something BETTER.

We want “Coachable” people who have a real commitment to a high quality of life and high standards of serving others.

If this show fits you . . . Give me a call 🙂

Barry Owen


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