In the wake of an Earthquake . . .

The East coast (and our Nation’s capital) shook yesterday.

Like the earth was a dog shaking water off after a swim.

There are some “wise” people who predict that 2012 is the year that everything ends as we know it today, and any time a large event happens (Whether it be a geological quiver or a social revolution) many folks wonder:

Is this the beginning of the predicted end?

The power of suggestion is HUGE!

Most people are conditioned to do as they are told without inquiry.

Our daughter told us a story of a classmate who “bosses everyone around.” This person has other children carrying her books and doing things for her all day long. She has some sort of mystical power because she seldom faces resistance.

There’s always an “Or Esle!” . . . No-one knows what that “or Else” is and certainly doesn’t want to be the poor unfortunate one who discovers what the consequence of failure to obey might be.

I see the same dynamic in people of all ages and stages of maturity.

The “bossy” one doesn’t have mystical powers . . . She simply discovered her talent for influencing others through the power of suggestion (inference) . . . thereby “convincing” them to relinquish their control/power to her.

These 2012 predicters might be proselytizing a self-fulfilling prophesy . . . Suggest it and the world will self-organize and conspire to make it so.

The Earthquake in Virginia yesterday was a “sign” for lots of folks. Many see it (Seriously or in jest) as an indicator that the end is, in fact, coming in 2012.

What’s going to “get us”?

What will it look like?

How can we protect ourselves, our families, and our way of life from this inevitable “end”?

Or can we?

Should we?

It is true that all life on planet Earth could end very suddenly with the unexpected entrance of an undetected meteor . . . or a catastrophic “BELCH” from the belly of the planet (Super-Volcanic eruption) . . . It’s happened before (so say the Geologists), and it could happen again.

Entire societies have shifted from relative peace and tranquility to utter chaos and destruction in a matter of a months/years (Germany/Hitler – Egypt – Libya – and the list goes on).

We cannot control any of the above.

What we CAN do is LIVE NOW!


All of these draconian reminders of our mortality and the inherently fragile nature of a world in continuous transformation take us right back to the fundamentals of living your life to the fullest . . . IN the moment!

Follow your Heart!

Tell the Truth!


Let go of the things you can’t control!

Love the people in your life!

Laugh and play more!


Be nice!

Erase regret, resentment, grudges . . .

Life is good today!

Just sayin’



Oh yeah! One last thing . . .

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