I might not be seeing your email marketing messages because . . .

There are:

  • 88,538 Email messages in my primary gmail account
    • 122 email messages in my primary gmail account (All Opened)
    • 17,186 Email Messages in my primary gmail “Sent” folder
    • 6424 unopened email messages in my primary gmail “Social” folder
    • 52,652 unopened email messages in my primary gmail “Promotions” folder
    • 755 unopened email messages in my primary gmail “Spam” folder
    • 11,521 Email messages floating around in email purgatory (Archived)
    • unknown number of deleted email messages (Several Hundred Thousand)
    • I received 91 new email messages in my primary gmail account yesterday
    • I “unsubscribe” to @ 5 unsolicited Mass Email campaigns every day
    • I also have another gmail account for my Open Space Consulting

These are my numbers today . . . What are yours?

If you are sending unsolicited email messages to people you don’t know, what are the odds your messages are being seen?

Of all of the people receiving your emails, how many do you s’pose enthusiastically look forward to opening them?

Consider the following:

  • An “Opt in” not “Opt out” subscription for your “followers” – Send an email to all of them indicating that, starting July 1, your email distribution will deliver to only those folks who Opt in by replying to this message: “YAY!” Be prepared for 80-90% of your distribution NOT to opt in. Don’t let this hurt your feelings, because the people who do opt in will be the “right People” to receive your messages. They will be appreciative and will reward you by doing business with you and sending referrals.
  • Provide value in every message. Educate your audience. Offer real, tangible “perks” to your loyal peep . . . Like informative free reports – or consultations – or “Annual reviews” – or discount coupons at locally owned restaurants, retail stores, or services – Partner with other local business owners
  • Adopt a charity and raise awareness for that cause. Coordinate regular events supporting this cause financially and with community service.
  • Provide a weekly list of “things to do” in the community – Weekend festivals, concerts, sporting events, local school carnivals
  • Feature one locally owned business every week (or month) – Restaurants, Specialty shops.
  • Deliver what you promise . . . not more. I unsubscribed from a feed because the guy promised 1 email every day and sent 3 or more every day. Be consistent.
  • Focus on ONE thing with every message. Multiple topics in a single email lose attention because most readers have short attention spans these days.

This list is just scratching the surface of delivering content that receivers look forward to opening rather than relegating it to “unopened trash” bin . . . or worse (Unsubscribe).

Most marketers get this wrong because they have “commission breath” . . . They think that the more people who receive their emails, the more business will fall into their laps.

The 2 step formula for success with email marketing campaigns?

  1. Earn permission (Otherwise your messages are disruptive)
  2. Provide Value – worthwhile

I enthusiastically receive a handful of great email messages every single day from Seth Godin, TUT.com, and a few others.

Less is more

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