I don’t think this is what Jeff Bezos had in mind

Good morning Jeff Bezos!

It’s been a while since we’ve talked – Well, you and I have never met, but you did have a conversation with my Father who will never forget it.

I know that many years have passed since you, as Owner/CEO of Amazon, personally gave Dad a call to follow up with him to be sure that his service experience was pleasing.

Dad was using Amazon to distribute his books which he self published and was head over heels ecstatic about the call . . . so much so, he stills tells the story frequently.

Amazon has grown in size and complexity since then (a GROSS understatement), so I am certain you are no longer making those calls . . . You’re a busy guy!

Sadly, it appears your company has “evolved” to the scale that there are NO humans at Amazon.com who have time to speak to your customers . . . even when things go awry.

Yes! It seems that y’all don’t care anymore.

You’re so big, you’ve graduated (in your mind) to the lofty position of being too big and powerful to fail.

Normally, I wouldn’t use my blog/video space talking about a specific poor customer service experience, but Amazon.com┬áhas found my last nerve.

I’d call to talk with a “Customer Service Representative” who would likely be able to solve my problem in 3 minutes or less, but those humans don’t seem to exist in your organization.

There are no (ZERO) telephones numbers on your site even though you reference “Contact us” and “Help” both of which take your valuable customers into a labyrinth of ways to solve the problem none of which include any possibility of human contact.

Jeff, (assuming you’re still reading) my story is a simple one.

I buy pretty much everything but food from Amazon.com because it provides good selections at great prices with free shipping.

This is Apollo.

He’s a legendary Golden Doodle with a heart of gold.

He’s aging, so I decided that I would get him an orthopedic bed.

I found the perfect bed at the perfect price on Amazon.com and ordered it to be delivered before Thanksgiving.

There were other items in the order (Who orders JUST the one thing they intended to order?).

The other items showed up on my stoop 2 days later (as promised) . . . but not the bed.

Every day, I watched for it.

Every day, my hopes were dashed.

A week passed, and my fear was that Amazon had failed me and Apollo.

Yesterday, my fear was realized with THIS!


It was bad enough that Amazon promised delivery . . . It was clear to me that Amazon didn’t care enough to include me in the resolution of this problem.

Jeff, I don’t want a refund . . . I want Apollo to be able to sleep on that orthopedic bed.

I didn’t make the mistake, yet I am the one who will have to wait for the damaged bed to be received by the seller for the refund, and then I will have to re-order the bed and hope it shows up.

Jeff, your company has broken trust that you’ll do the right thing.

Even worse . . . You haven’t seemed to care.

Enjoy your time at the top because I know that it’s these little breaks in trust that damage companies that will accumulate over time and become lethal . . . yep, even gargantuan companies like yours.


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