I am right – you are wrong

Here we are in the sandbox in preschool.

We’re learning from each other how to negotiate.

I’m shoveling some sand, and accidentally toss a load on my friend Sally’s head.

Of course, Sally is initially surprised . . .

Time freezes . . .

She’s processing what just happened, and there are so many things running through her mind.

She is not injured, but she is covered with sand.

She wonders if I did that on purpose.

Earlier this morning, Sally had awakened up on the wrong side of the bed. She was cranky, so she took this opportunity to blow off some steam.

While I was laughing it off as being funny unintentional accident, Sally was deciding that I was the Devil and that I had, ON PURPOSE, thrown a bucket of sand over her head.

Sally put her hands over her eyes and commenced a shrill wailing as if I had ripped her arm off.

The teacher came running, quickly determined there were no mortal injuries, and then shifted to the role of “peacemaker”.

That teacher didn’t have a chance because I was RIGHT and Sally was WRONG . . . and Sally was screaming that SHE was right and I was WRONG!

Eventually, both Sally and I ran out of air for this problem. The teacher sensed the shift in intensity and seized the opportunity to “redirect” both me and Sally: “LOOK Barry! Andrew and Josh are looking for a 3rd person for jump roping, and SALLY it looks like that soccer game needs another player.


End of drama!

We adults act this way all too often.

Don’t we?

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