Houston – We had a problem!

We had a bit of a crisis with the Pareto Realty Website/CRM platform. In a routine audit, I discovered what I thought to be a very serious glitch. Of course, this would happen when our GURU in that department (Sherry) was taking a much deserved break on the beach, so I just sent her an SOS email to see if she would be willing to (upon her return) talk me off the ledge and help fix the issue.
WOW! Sherry returned home Wednesday and came to the office yesterday for a couple hours and FIXED the issue. I am so grateful for Sherry’s willingness to tackle this .

After the dust settled, and my heart rate got back to “normal”, I had some time to reflect. It occurred to me that this is what we Paretozoans do . . . Each of us has our own, unique “skill set” (Talents), and I am aware of others going out of their way to serve each other as we, together, serve our clients (Home Buyers and Sellers).

I’m an “S” “C” “D” DISC personality, profile which means I am Sensitive (Emotions and Feelings) Logical thinking (Compliant) guy with very little patience – My “D” just wants it DONE and NOW.

By definition, this makes me a Schizophrenic personality – Constantly hurting my own feelings and doing my best to honor the compliant part of me as I attempt to logically tackle everything that happens . . . There’s a LOT of potential for conflict in my head.

This may seem “tongue in cheek” but it’s not – It’s my reality.
I’m blogging about this because there’s a great lesson or 2 here.

I’m nudging you to think about your unique personality and how you cope with people who are not like you (which is everyone).

While we are all different, we have a common goal . . . to support each other to SUCCEED to the degree we desire . . . personally and professionally.
While I’m screaming “SELL ONE HOUSE EVERY MONTH”, I want every agent on our team to amplify who He/Her is and BE THAT PERSON unapologetically.
I love all of our agents unconditionally as long as they’ll love me and each other warts and all!
Within most every gathering of people around a common interest (issue or opportunity), the best resource for ALL of the solutions lies in its membership.

When things go wonky, try pausing the game for a little while, and huddle around the issue. Leave the posturing and EGO out of the mix – LISTEN – Ask questions – Encourage Spirited dialog.

Make this a habit, and your organization will learn to trust the wisdom already present.

Of course, there may be members who disagree with this largely unstructured approach . . . No worries! They’ll move along to a place that feeds that energy.

Because they’re not “our people”!

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