Holding the Accountability Holder Accountable

I relentlessly preach the importance of being held accountable.

There seems to be some unwritten code that forbids the “followers” from holding the “leaders” accountable. I guess this is a perk of being the “BOSS”, eh?

So . . . who, then, DOES hold the “leader” accountable?

What leaders out there are willing to be vulnerable enough to allow their “subordinates” this power?

As CEO, Principal Broker, trainer and coach, I reckon most folks consider me to be THE “Leader” of our “Vital Few” tribe of exceptional real estate sales professionals. I DO have accountability to my monthly Forum Group (5 business owners) and to my 1:1 weekly accountability partner, and I’m now realizing that missing a fine and poignant nuance regarding the accountability relationship.

For this relationship to be optimally effective, the relationship must be reciprocal – that is . . . holding each other accountable rather than “the masses being held accountable by the BM/WOC (Big Man/Woman on campus).”

Stay with me here . . . The most effective accountability relationship happens when the playing field is level. For this to be possible, we need a shift of mindset such that EVERYONE is a LEADER. Hierarchical standing is not (should not be) a factor in this relationship because, by definition, “accountability” is simply the act of enforcing completion of promises made. The minute we introduce authority standings, we poison the brew – and “Everyone’s a Leader” becomes “Leaders and Followers” . . . Followers are less likely to be willing to hold Leaders (their Bosses) accountable for fear of retribution.

I’ve had a recent “awakening” regarding this. For several months, I have had “Daily Exercise” under my “Self” role. Here at Pareto Realty, we have Monday morning accountability meetings using a very cool setup (Zoom Video Conference and Trello boards). It’s going well, and we are all “feeling the burn” and are finding ourselves getting more done in less time . . . It’s building momentum for everyone . . . but not I . . . because I’ve been violating this “Leadership Mindset Principle” . . . I lead these sessions, and not once has anyone challenged ME on my promises . . . so I have been able to avoid the commencement of a regular exercise routine for all these months even though I have promised EVERY week to do so.

This week, I decided that it is neigh time for me to correct this foible by holding myself accountable . . . I joined the YMCA Tuesday – Did some research on a good beginning routine yesterday – and I did 30 minutes of stretching and “Body Exercise” (Push ups, Toe touches, crunches, squats and squat thrushes), and I’ll start going to the gym next week and work with a trainer to get into a regular 3 Day/Week routine with weights, steps, running, swimming, bicycling such that I have some form of exercise every day for at least 6 days/wk.

I hereby relinquish whatever presumed authority status I have and proclaim myself just another “Vital Few” member of Pareto Realty . . . and fully expect the team to hold my feet to the fire WRT my promises.

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