HEY! Clean up your cloud or no allowance for you!

Do you hear your Mother’s voice? (CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM or ELSE!)

Sorry to elicit unpleasant memories, but I DO have a point.

How neat and tidy is your life?

Seriously! Is there any semblance of order and focus as you work your daily magic?

Have you heard of “Cloud Computing?

If you have heard of it, you probably just cringed because of the twinge of misunderstanding about the myriad web-based “apps” that seem to be multiplying like rabbits creating a fog in your reality . . .

How can you POSSIBLY keep up with all of this new stuff . . .

Weed the useful from the useless . . .

and still be a productive professional?

The idea of cloud computing is all about bringing all the web tools you need into a “cloud” such that they work seamlessly together to delivery exactly WHAT you need, WHEN you need it, WHEREVER you are . . . all the while making interaction with the right people simple as pie.

It occurred to me that this is potentially a very simple solution to a very raplex (Rapid and complex) problem.

With so much (of EVERYTHING) coming at ALL of us at a high rate of speed and change, how can we “get a grip” and continue to function in our personal and professional lives with any degree of “Direction” and “control” (I quote these words because they are by definition somewhat variable and enigmatic).

All technology aside, consider this “Cloud Theory” as it might relate to your life.

I believe that on the day you were born God gave you your own cloud within which you will operate for the rest of your life. God also gave you a very special POWER . . . The power of CHOICE!

Very generally speaking, your life mission is all about doing the best you can with your cloud and your choices along the way.

Stay with me . . .

I’m not asking you to do anything you haven’t been doing your entire life. I’m simply suggesting that commit yourself to being a better caretaker of your cloud by being more intentional about:

  • WHO are the people you allow on your cloud with you? Are they the right people? What’s THEIR cloud look like? Is it a mess or nice and orderly? Don’t forget that “birds of a feather tend to flock together” . . . Only allow people on your cloud who bring VALUE to your life . . .
  • Mission and Vision – Is your cloud moving? What direction? Without clear vision, your cloud will sit still and become an island – Isolated and stagnant – A fun to visit but . . .
  • How BIG is your cloud? Does it matter? Isn’t it OK to have a little cloud or a big cloud? Isn’t that a CHOICE you can make? You decide . . .
  • How CLEAN is your cloud? Real clouds in the sky form from condensation of pure water . . . What do you allow in your cloud?
  • Identity – How is your cloud unique and different from other people’s clouds. What value do you offer that makes them want to invite you into their clouds?
  • Think PROJECTS – How do you organize your time such that you get it all done? With so much coming at you through life, you’ve gotta keep things in the perspective that you can only do so much at a time (if you want to finish anything). So . . . Instead of lists and lists and multitasking (without much finishing) decide NOW to move forward with ONE project at a time and don’t give any project more than a month to implement. If you haven’t finished it in a month’s time, reconsider . . . is it still valid? Is it adding value to your cloud, or distracting you from other stuff that matters more?
  • Devices – What electronic gizmos do you allow on your cloud? Do you have them because it’s cool to have them, or do you have them because they are useful? Do you need all that capability, or is there a simpler gizmo that would have less of a learning curve? Simplify your gizmos and make sure they play well with each other.
  • Web tools – Social media, facebook, branchout, google, myspace, linkedin, realtracs, transaction desk, listhub, point2, realtor.com, trulia, zillow, contact manager (CRM), website, blogsite, twitter, skype . . . etc . . . WTH? Are these useful? Which ones give you leverage? Which do nothing for you? Which should you allow on your cloud?
  • Back office – Drop-box, Quick-books, CRM, efax . . . are they seemless? Can you “work from anywhere”? Do you want to be able to work from anywhere? (It’s OK if the answer is “NO!”)
  • Training – What are you doing INTENTIONALLY every month to improve your cloud? Classes, masterminds, tutorials, breakfast club, conferences, reading good books, on-line videos . . . If you don’t see anything available that is useful for you . . . organize it yourself and invite others . . . Improve your cloud by always being open to new ideas.

These are the tough questions we tackled in our Friday morning mastermind this morning.

So . . .

How’s YOUR cloud lookin’ these days?

Just sayin’



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