Hey Barry! Have you been working out on your Peloton?


Why not?

Well . . . (long pregnant pause) My head spins as I attempt to find a rational, viable reason.

The truthful reality stings as I realize that there’s no justification . . . A while ago, I missed my Peloton workout, and that seemed to open this cascade of denial of self accountability – Each time I missed that workout contributed to making it easier to not do it the next day.

Then . . . One day, I closed the door of the bedroom where the Peloton resides . . . out of sight . . . out of mind . . . guilt free (Except those moments when I needed something from the Peloton room and thought to myself: “I should start riding that Peloton again!” . . . but I didn’t because it was easier to close the door.)

This week, I have a few Doctor appointments which remind me WHY I bought that Peloton bicycle . . . I made a conscious decision that I want to live a long life – and I know that my 60 year body isn’t nearly resilient than as before.

We all fall off the wagon of good habits occasionally . . . Knowing this, how can we climb back on our wagons sooner than before?

When coaching Realtors, I often say: “We MUST have accountability to people outside our OWN bodies and minds in order to stay our courses.

Who will you trust to hold you accountable?


We’re all in this together.


I’ll be climbing on that Peloton this morning 🙂

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