Yes! I am GUILTY of sending the wrong message to Prospective Home Buyers and Sellers by saying there’s NO INVENTORY!

This morning, Ninja Selling sent an email with THIS LINK!

As I listened to the message, I felt shame for my bad behavior and misdirection of my messaging. This is wrong on many levels (How could we Realtors be so blind?)

By focusing on the narrative that It’s difficult and even IMPOSSIBLE to buy a house in THIS market, we are actually doing harm!

What we focus on EXPANDS!

As we Realtors whine and complain about the tough conditions in this market, we are FEEDING that negative energy and relegating the positive energy to the “Woe is us” Camp.

The real truth is that there’s actually a LOT of houses coming on the market and selling quickly in record numbers.

Try this instead:
Tweak your message, and (and encourage others to adopt this more uplifting message) shift to a more positive message . . . Your attitude and results will improve 🙂

As always” “This is a GREAT time to buy or sell a house if you’re ready for a new lifestyle . . . Go ahead! Turn the page!

Connect with your favorite Pareto Realty agent NOW!

NINJA . . . “No Inventory”?????

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