Give and Receive to Give and Receive More

Whatcha gonna do for yourself as a reward for a great start for 2020?
I’m sensing good momentum and want you to know that we are noticing your grit and determination to make this the BEST year EVER. Note that “BEST” is relative to your own, personal goals and aspirations. It could be better quality of life – more happiness and joy – more sales – more connection with people who “feed” you.

I have used this 1st month as a time to “reclaim” some of the fire I’ve allowed to dissipate the past several years. Yep! I’ve been holding myself back from achieving the level of success of which I know I am capable . . . This year’s gonna be different and don’t ever forget that as each of us succeed we all succeed . . . I pledge to do more than my fair share of succeeding in 2020.

How ’bout you?

One of my long-time inspirations comes from the writings of Deepak Chopra who wrote a formative (for me and many others) book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

I first read this book in 1993 and was blown away by the simple wisdom within . . . and I realized that there are 7 “laws” and 7 days of the week, so I adopted a new ritual for each morning – Read one Law first thing each morning immediately followed by silence for as long as I “need”. This practice served me very well for many years, yet a while ago, I abandoned it for a LONG time.

Guess what?

Only a few days of doing this has amazing results in terms of more happiness and comfort and confidence.

Today, I give you “The Law of Giving”

Here’s what I said about this in this morning’s FB Live

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