Full Moon Festival in Owen Hollow

We had our first “Full Moon Pickin’ Party” a few weeks ago.

October 2, 2020 will be our next one @ 6:30-10

Seems the title threw many folks for a loop . . .

Not knowing what a “Pickin’ Party” is proved to be a limiting factor in the attendance. Some folks asked what we were picking . . . cotton or vegetables, and how does that relate to the full moon rising?

Others had visions of banjo pickin’ bluegrass and were thinking that their kind of music might not be appropriate.

Lesson learned, so I’ve edited the title to be “Full moon Festival”

This is an informal circle of chairs (Maybe around a campfire) to celebrate the Full Moon. Some folks will bring musical instruments – Guitars, drums, fiddles, ukuleles, flutes, Singing voices . . . any (Acoustic) instrument.

There will be lots of conversation and making of new friends as I am inviting quite a diversity of people from work, neighbors, family, and friends.

I have 14 folding chairs, so you might want to bring a more comfortable chair.

We will have a few tables for sharing of food – Bring something tasty to share and your own beverages.

Given the people who come, odds are decent that music, singing, conversation, and laughter will fill Owen Hollow with joy.

If you’re coming, let me know, so I can be ready with some “Event Preparation”

Follow this link to the Facebook Event

I look forward to welcoming you to Owen Hollow 10/2/20


PS – You can come early if you want to explore the Holler 🙂

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