Fostering Culture While in Isolation

The secret sauce for maintaining esprit de corps boils down to “Art of War Fundamentals”

Consider the following tenets I learned in US Army Engineer Officer training.

  • Mass – A synchronized, coordinated effort brings to bear a formidable force that enables smaller forces to overwhelm seemingly insurmountable odds of success
  • Objective – directing every mission toward a clearly defined, decisive and attainable end provides focused Purpose relative to who we are and why we are here doing what we do.
  • Security – is about KNOWLEDGE of our competitors and market conditions and trends – Local – Regional – National – Global. If we fail to be vigilant we risk being vulnerable as the market shifts over time. Everything is always moving.
  • Surprise – is THE most efficient and effective “weapon”. When we are surprised by unforeseen conditions we are at a disadvantage as we scramble to make sense of the new threat. COVID-19 was quite a surprise. Conversely, when we foresee opportunities which offer us a competitive advantage, we must be ready to respond rapidly.
  • Maneuver – To survive, we must consistently imagine possibilities and never stop innovating new and improved systems and processes. The mantra must be: Each and every “thing” must be better than before.
  • Offensive – Whenever possible, initiate the disruptions. This establishes your business as the “bar setter”. The mindset must be one of “Always moving FORWARD. Your rear view mirror is only there to detect your competitors’ efforts to overtake you as the leader
  • Unity of Command – Who is the “Sponsor” of your organization? This is THE “Leader – The BOSS with the ultimate responsibility for whatever and how things get done around here. This person has the most authority AND the most at stake – skin in the game – dog in the hunt
  • Simplicity – Clear and concise communications are essential. Complicated solutions lead to . . . complications . . . lack of understanding is THE most destructive force in the Theater of operations
  • Economy of Force – By leveraging people, systems, tools, defined processes, we design a way of being that results in more done with less effort. It’s all 80/20 . . . 20% of the resources yield 80% of the results. We call that 20% “The Vital Few” and the 80% “The Trivial Many”.

Now . . . Forget everything you might have learned in school, apply MOSSMOUSE in every endeavor you undertake, and I’m betting you’ll magically find yourself getting more done with markedly enhanced efficiency.

Back to the title:

Fostering Culture While in Isolation

MOSSMOUSE has served warriors well for thousands of years.

I believe this way provides everything any Business owner needs to survive and thrive in ANY and ALL market conditions . . . even COVID-19b
Let’s GO!

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