Everyone can be an “Expert” . . . Especially those with “credentials”

When I was a Trainer/Coach with Keller Williams (many moons ago), I had a Coachee who launched his career by putting himself through EVERY Real Estate sales course and certification known to exist ( There are more than 30 “Realtor designations” listed on the National Association of Realtors) Website, and innumerable non-Realtor designations/Certifications.

Wet met weekly for a solid YEAR, and EVERY meeting was all about the courses he was taking. Try as I did, he would NOT do ANYTHING other than attend Classes . . . This was exacerbating for me, because I wanted him to be “SUCCESSFUL” by MY STANDARDs (Selling houses and making money).

52 meetings . . . ZERO houses sold!

I wondered if he were “independently wealthy” with no pressure or drive to sell houses.

and then . . . on the 53rd meeting, he said: “NOW, I am ready to sell houses! How do I do this?

Within weeks, he, very diligently focused on doing EVERYTHING I coached him to do – Built his Sphere of Influence database, Identified his chosen niche, began networking and committing 3 SOLID hours of lead generation EACH & EVERY day like clockwork.

His sales Flourished, and he now has a highly successful team.

Whenever it (whatever it is) starts is the right time!

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