Every day can be an adventure

Let’s spice up our way of living with a radically different perspective.

Each of us has our own, unique routine which we might find dull and monotonous.

Alarm goes off – hit snooze twice – feet hit the floor and stumble into the bathroom for cleaning and grooming – Walk the dogs – prepare, then consume breakfast and COFFEE – Drive to the office, and proceed to have the “same day” as the day before . . . more of the same every day. YAWN!

There’s GOT to be more to life than THIS, Right?

Well . . . there IS more to life, and I believe every one of us was born with vibrant living in our DNA.

Tapping into this exciting way of living is WAY easier than you might think.

This strategy does not include therapy of any kind . . . no need for re-programming any brains . . . because it’s already baked into ALL of us whilst in the womb . . . and as we have “matured”, many of us have forgotten the curiosity – enthusiasm – Joi de vivre – whimsical playfulness that we had as toddlers.

Why have so many of us oppressed happiness and joy in the name “adulthood”?

Let’s RECLAIM this NOW!

Listen carefully . . .

When that alarm sounds off in the morning, the first decision will define your life experience for that day.

Which of the following will you do today?

Will today be an ADVENTURE with excitement and energy and curiosity?

Will today be a day of RESEARCH during which you seek new knowledge through new experiences?

Will today be a carefree day to go WALKABOUT letting your feet take you wherever they choose thereby exposing you to new relationships and discovering “different” – well everything.

There’s a 4th option . . . Pretend you didn’t read this post and choose BLAH!

YOU are in the Driver’s seat . . . DRIVE!

Let’s GO!

Doing research – going walkabout – on an adventure

Posted by Barry Owen on Thursday, February 27, 2020

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