Enjoy your Bonus Week

I’ve heard more than a few people mention that this December seems less frantic than most.

It’s as if time is stretching.

Throughout my life, I remember a sense of frantic urgency to do all of the shopping, prepare for travel and/or visiting relatives, planning things to do . . .

Is this because we’re all tired after all we have endured through 2020?

Many of us are in self-imposed quarantine – not mingling IRL (in real life) with other people – avoiding crowds – ordering gifts on-line instead of shopping and mailing.

What are the blessings of these circumstances?

Can we cease our incessant whining about 2020 even for a few moments to embrace the relative silence . . . the space that has opened for us to BREATHE and smell the roses?

Don’t be scared!

It’s OK to enjoy some of these by-products of this covid environment.

Last Friday, I pledged to myself that I would begin daily blogging on Monday (Today 12/14).

Interestingly, the first email I saw this morning is Seth Godin’s blog for this morning.

Uncanny, eh?

Where is your place to write?

A place to write

One reason that successful and prolific singer-songwriters are prolific is that as soon as they’ve written a song, they can record it and publish it.

And a huge advantage of having a daily blog is that the software is always open, waiting for you to write something.

Your story doesn’t have to be a book, it is simply your chance to make a difference. “Here’s what I see, here’s how you can be part of it.”

When we remove the pre (finding the pen, the paper, the notebook, the software) and the post (finding a way to publish it), it turns out that we write more often, and writing more often leads to writing better.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it can simply be the next thing you do.

The patterns matter. Streaks work.

All part of your practice.

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