Don’t be THAT person!

Do you show up when you say you will?

If you don’t, what do you say to the person whose time you wasted?

When you know that you’re not going to show up on time (or at all), do you call the person or people you are to meet and tell the truth or do you blame it on someone else or on “circumstances out of your control?”

Yeah! It’s easier not to take responsibility by shucking the blame off to the client who wouldn’t let you go . . . or TRAFFIC was just ABOMINABLE.

The truth is that the person you left sitting there waiting for you feels less important. As far as they are concerned, you didn’t care enough about being with them to schedule yourself such that you CAN be on time.

Oh! I know this might mean that you have to leave EARLIER in case traffic stacks up . . . or you might have to politely tell the person who won’t stop talking that you have another appointment and would like to continue the conversation later or on the phone while driving to the next appointment.

In truth, you might have to inconvenience yourself a little to honor the person you are going to meet.

If you’re not willing to do that, is this a meeting that needs to happen anyway?

So . . . Leave a person sitting waiting for you – shame on you . . . Do it twice, and most people will think “Shame on me!”

Elephants aren’t the only mammals with great memories.

Don’t be THAT person who’s “always late” or often fails to show up at all.

Often, I hear from habitual no-show-uppers: “No one will miss me at that event, so I’ll ditch it!

Untrue! People WILL miss you because you said you would be there, and they were looking forward to seeing you. Don’t deprive them of the good mojo that comes when you show up.

Published by Barry Owen

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