“No grain offering that you give to the Lord can be made with yeast!”

Leviticus 2

Here’s The Lord’s VERY specific instructions for the bread.

Again (for me), I find this recipe to be “granular” in detailed specificity with ingredients and method to be a gift . . . in the sense that it is not simply making bread – It’s ritual which nourishes The Lord . . . no guesswork . . . just follow the directions!

I smile as I read this . . . “SIMPLICITY” . . . When was the last time you bought a piece of furniture which “required assembly” with Instructions which require an Engineer and a whole lot of LUCK to put together . . . and ALWAYS a few extra pieces remaining or missing upon “completion”?

Clarity of instructions saves relationships, organizations, . . . and clarity seems to surface efficiently when we adopt a practice which begins with inviting other Stakeholders to participate, and . . . we open space which creates space for each member to bring her/his unique skill sets to bear.

corny and true






Be Generous!

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