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How Many Decisions Do We Make Each Day?

In this Psychology Today article, Eva M. Krockow Ph.D. says:

“In fact, some sources suggest that the average person makes an eye-popping 35,000 choices per day. Assuming that most people spend around seven hours per day sleeping and thus blissfully choice-free, that makes roughly 2,000 decisions per hour or one decision every two seconds.”

Hmmm . . . It’s no small wonder why so many of are stumbling through life in an overwhelmed stupor.

I wonder . . . How many of these 35,000ish decisions each day do you s’pose you make consciously?

Surely, many of these are decisions are instinctual (baked into our DNA), some are Learned based on prior experience, Freudian, Pavlovian, and therefore subconscious and relatively “automatic”. My guess is that the 80:20 rule prevails – The majority (Trivial Many) comprise 80% or more these daily decisions.

That leaves @ 7,000ish CONSCIOUS decisions. Doesn’t that relieve you a bit from the initial overwhelm you experienced you saw that “35,000” estimation?

Of course, even the thought of 7,000 conscious decisions is daunting and even exhausting. No small wonder, we’re so fatigued, worried, and unsettled, eh?

Consider this: Everything that “presents” as a decision to make is an “invitation”. The great thing about invitations is that “no” is an acceptable response . . . so one solid way to deal with these 7,000 decisions ALSO filters through 80:20 . . . My suspicion is that 80% of these conscious decisions can be “dismissed” immediately . . . We can choose not to decide yet or even at all . . . Ah! Nice! We’re down to a mere 1,400 decisions that matter enough to take a brief pause to consider.

Every waking second, we are playing this game. Some of us deal with this HUGE volume of “issues and opportunities” more gracefully than others.

Walking in my shoes, I must first acknowledge that my mental “bandwidth” can only handle so much without crashing . . . that I’ve gotta modulate this incessant flow of mental bytes . . . I must make the most important decision of all: “Will I choose (decide) on purpose or to relegate my destiny to chance (incidentally)?

I choose the path of being intentional in most things I do. Inserting the word “most” leaves space for whimsical, spontaneously combusting, adventurous possibilities that manifest from the ether.

The good news is that choosing to live intentionally boils down to us having the luxury of of 18 seconds to decide on the vitally important choices.

There now . . . How’s THAT for a sales pitch for living intentionally!

Try it and enjoy living within the means of your bandwidth.

I say more about this in today’s Drive time video (link below)

To do or not to do

Posted by Barry Owen on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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