Counting impossibilities

Even from otherwise seemingly pleasant and even-keeled people, there’s seldom a shortage of naysayers.

Much of my life is driven by “ideation”.

New and interesting (to me) ideas flow through my overly active brain throughout every waking moment and likely also the unawake moments.

My way is to unashamably “throw these ideas against the wall (post to the bulletin board) to see if they’ll stick” and invite other people to join me in whatever pursuit might ensue.

With much practice and myriad experiences, the one thing I’ve learned multiple (most) times is for me not to be attached to outcomes.

When I have a particularly BRILLIANT idea (my opinion), I sometimes cannot throttle my enthusiasm thereby creating high expectations that THIS will be a “GAME CHANGER” . . . until the Debbie Downers in the Peanut Gallery catch wind of this “disturbingly creative possibility” . . . at which point the poking and hole punching commences.

The shadow of doubt crosses my mind . . . as these people begin to count the impossibilities relating to the scheme and effectively render this grande idea inert.

It would seem these folks have adopted the strategy of “kill the new ideas while they’re young”.


OK! It’s not as bad I’m making it out to be because it also works the other way.

Sometimes when I think a new idea is ridiculous and not worthy of airing and I publish it anyway . . . The Peanut Gallery LOVES it.

Always be prepared to be surprised, and NEVER allow the Debbie Downers discourage your creativity and Spirit.

Keep on dreaming new possibilities and inviting others into your twisted little world.

Published by Barry Owen

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