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It’s nigh time to lay Pareto Realty LLC to rest.

This brand served me and MANY other Real Estate Sales Professionals who were fortunate to practice to LIVE, work, and play under the banner of “The Vital Few”. well. We had a great run of serving and protecting several hundred Lucky home Buyers and Sellers for 10 amazing years.

We pledged to take care of our SELFs as we lived intentional with “Life Rhythm” . . . knowing that, as we cared for our Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social, and emotional well-being, we could then serve and protect our clients quintessentially.

For sure, I have continue to live in Life Rhythm . . . The FourFold Way . . . in Open Space, and I always will.

The sunset of Pareto Realtyllc is akin to laying a family member to rest with deep appreciation and Honor.

For the past year, I have worked through ALL of the stages of Grief and have come to the realization that, for me to move on to whatever is next for me, I must Let Go and LET’S GO!

The appearance of cancer in my body this year awakened many realizations . . . the most poignant of which is that “Life’s too precious to live a life that is anything but Joyous . . . When it’s over – It’s OVER!

This next version of Barry Owen will include a LOT of JOY . . . . INTENTIONAL living . . . LOTS of Opening Space . . . Living with Rhythm . . . Always “Better than before”

Today marks the day for me to own my role and responsibility in my relationship with God each and every day . . . with SOUL!

so . . . I’ve concocted the word SOULution

In all of my pursuits going forward, I pledge to pay attention to intentionally SOULful service.

New Email Address and Web (URL)

I look forward to serving the right home Buyers and Sellers with Soul

Let’s GO!


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