cannot see the forest for the trees?

Monday morning Coffee

Guess what?

I’m GUILTY as charged.

6 years ago. I bought my own slice of Heaven – a bonafide Holler in Whites Creek, TN.

This property is a veritable “end of the world” safe haven from civilization.

There area @ 60,000 raw acres just beyond the back boundary of #OwenHollow

For sure, this is an entirely different ecosystem from the developed world.

I’m a REALTOR . . . and have not until now that I literally have NOT seen the forest for the trees for the duration of my entire habitation of this magnificent homestead.

For all of these 6 years, it never occurred to me that I could establish myself as THE EXPERT REALTOR in Whites Creek and Joelton for land and houses. I was caught up in: “I’ve ALWAYS worked in West Nashville and Williamson County, so why would I work anywhere else, Eh?

Well . . . because THIS is NOW MY back yard.

Forest for the trees indeed.

I’ll take a spoonful of my own medicine and assertively proclaim myself to
Let Go and LET’S GO!

Here we go gathering my livelihood without the long commute.

Here’s a bonus . . . I LOVE the families here in Joelton and Whites Creek. They’re good people who understand real community and have great SOUL

So . . .

If you hear of anyone contemplating a move (Change of lifestyle) I’d be honored to serve and protect you throughout the process.

Barry Owen


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