Calming slinky traffic

There’s a traffic hack that’s FREE and EASY!

This unique driving technique is seldom used by most average drivers because . . . Well, most drivers are focused on SPEED, and heavy traffic tends to require them to SLOW DOWN – or even STOP – sometimes for long periods of time thereby rendering the impatient drivers apoplectic.

Every morning and every evening, blood pressures rise as the struggle unfolds . . . The universe seems to conspire to thwart a smooth flow of traffic, and all of these drivers play the “HURRY UP – then – WAIT” game like a large slinky. When traffic STOPS, the drivers want, at least, to witness a CRASH ahead to talk about later, and are ROBBED because the stall had nothing to do with a crash . . . instead, the slow down (or stoppage) is caused by inattentive drivers leaving gaps in front of them, and when they realize traffic has opened up, EVERYONE MASHES THEIR ACCELERATORS and RACE to close that gap to bumper to bumper proximity . . . and the cycle begins anew.

Here’s the fun part (for me) . . . ONE driver can make a difference that will disrupt this high tension cycle and modulate the flow with this simple strategy.

YOU could be this person simply by deciding to stop playing the hypertension game.

Leave a gap in front of you of at least the length of a semi with a trailer (4 car lengths).

That is all!

When I do this, there’s almost always a magical transformation that occurs in the traffic pattern. This opens space for the fast movers to weave in and out of the flow, AND . . . other drivers notice and begin to do this distancing also.

It is my belief that this simple traffic hack saves lives both from Crashes and from heart attacks.

Be a life-safer and integrate into your driving habits.

Thank you in advance!


Published by Barry Owen

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