Biblical Hygiene . . .

I took a brief hiatus from daily blog posts. This is MY life, so I can grant my own permission to shift focus from my morning regimen when my heart desires Sabbath.

Never fear, though . . . Each and every morning, I am steadfast in my habit of reading a chapter from the Bible, the Chopra Spiritual Law of the day and then taking whatever time I feel I need for contemplation and meditation. This “sets the tenor of the day ahead.

This morning, I am reading from Leviticus Chapter 15 (“male genital emissions” and female genital emissions”) Who’d a thought THIS would be the Lord’s concern, eh? But of course, The Lord is caring and loving even down to the level of our reproductive male and female emissions and our care personal of our bodies. As I contemplated this (uncanny) chapter, I realized that The Lord is commanding us to pay attention to our bodies, and when health issues show up, we must PAUSE our “game of life” for 7 – SEVEN DAYS . . . and on the eighth day, our bodies can heal.


Don’t we all seem to have an human obligation to continue WORKING and showing up for work despite the offending ailment?

God is granting the universal GRACE for us to take 7 days to mend.

Sickness is language that begs for us to care for our bodies, minds . . . SOULs

The Lord cares enough about our-well being to speak this chapter to us.

Let’s listen to these subtle Godly nudges!

Love yourself as much as God loves us!

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