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@ 3:30 this morning, the dogs and I heard a tree breaking in the woods above the house, but there was no “THUD” of tree hitting the ground – A little unsettling. This is one of those “waiting for the other shoe drop” scenarios . . . and a feeling that we all are experiencing day in and day out as we navigate these “remarkably unusual” times.
How are you coping with all of this uncertainty?

When will that tree fall . . . in what direction . . . and is the house in danger?

My Facebook feed is very full of emotions as waves and tides shift unpredictably.

We could go the way of obsessing and worrying and allowing all of this to consume our very being . . . or we could decide to adapt and focus on anything and everything that shows up in the realm of creative solutions.

I choose to pay just enough attention to the news to have a “comfortable” understanding of the current status.

Let’s create and anticipate and love and laugh.

Let’s spread the word of exceptional happenings!

Here’s a fine example:

Saturday, My daughter Allison’s IRL (In real life) graduation happened:

It was so awesome.

Saint Cecilia Academy really did an AMAZING job of pulling off a very special, socially distanced ceremony. They installed a stage on the lawn. Each graduate’s family was allowed to bring a car-load of humans. Upon arrival at the Driveway entrance, all cars were directed to a “Staging Parking Lot” behind the school. Each family “drew a card” with a number (we got #15) and were guided to their designated spot. When all spaces were filled, we were in order and they had all of the families drive across the lawn to create an “Amphitheatre” facing the stage. They then broadcast the whole thing on Facebook live. The graduates were seated on either side of the stage in chairs with 6′ “Social Distance” and were able to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. Just Wonderful – The ceremony was amazing.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of good/God!

Below is a link to the whole Facebook Live event – It’s long (1:45), so not likely you’ll watch the whole thing, but you can definitely feel the warmth palpably within a few minutes . . . I get goosebumps just remembering the experience. So . . . When it was over, I heard several folks mentioning that this was actually “better” than the “normal” ceremony.

Perspective (frame of mind) are significantly important, aren’t they?

St. Cecilia Academy Graduation 2020

Posted by St. Cecilia Academy on Saturday, July 11, 2020

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