Begin with quiet

Most of us humans think WAY too much!

We even think while sleeping . . . about things that happened yesterday and what’s likely to happen tomorrow.

We wonder, worry, anticipate, strategize, and negotiate in our minds.

When the alarm sounds, we hit the ground at a full-on SPRINT to take action to clean up the debris we’ve conjured up.

Waking up each morning facing a veritable mental minefield isn’t fun or useful.

If this resonates with you, try this!

Place a straight backed chair in your favorite room facing your favorite view.- Mine overlooks Owen Hollow.

Take care of yourself with 15 minutes of peace and quiet.

Sit with good posture – Straight back, Knees at 90 degrees with feet flat on the floor – hands resting on Thighs (Palms up or down) – set a timer for 15 minutes and sit in silence with eyes open.

At first, your attention will wander to all of that clutter in your mind – dismiss each distraction as they surface and resume your quiet.

When the timer sounds, close your eyes for a moment and then intentionally move into the opening of your day with much less mental clutter.


Close each day in the same way, and you’ll soon find that your sleep will become more restful and your days will be more productive.

(pssst – Training wheels for meditation)

Published by Barry Owen

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