Are you waiting for the real estate market to settle before you buy a house?

Unless you have been in isolation under a rock, you are aware that the Real Estate market is C-R-A-Z-Y these days in pretty much EVERY city in the USA.

Of course, I have witnessed many wild markets in the 28 years I’ve been a Real Estate Sales Profession, but never one quite like this.

In a declining market, it makes sense to hunker down and stay put UNLESS you’re facing circumstances beyond your control necessitating a change of lifestyle (Job or personal shifts). If you have the wherewithal to weather the storm, do so. You’ll be buying low . . . AND Selling low – I guess there’s a cancelling effect, eh?

In an appreciating market (like this one which is on STEROIDS), it makes good sense to keep the house you’ve got now if you can because you will build more equity with every passing day. My advice to everyone who is in a position to buy real estate – 1st time buyers – 1st time investors -2nd home buyers . . . BUY NOW!

This is a unique “perfect storm” which will likely continue to result in unprecedented appreciation – even EXPONENTIAL & projected to increase values up to and beyond 2026

If you own real estate, you are literally building your wealth while you sleep . . . at an 8-9% Annual rate. Even beyond 2026, projections are strong and only decreasing the RATE of appreciation.

So, my bottom line . . . BUY REAL PROPERTY NOW!

If you’re waiting for ANY reason, just know that you’re “burning money” – The power of your money is eroding every day you delay as prices rise.

Expert tip . . . Focus on the least cost real estate you can find, and buy THAT . . . and HOLD it.

The word is . . . More and more people will be renting instead of buying because they are delusionally imagining that “this storm will pass” and things will get back to “normal” soon enough. (unless they read this post 🙂

Don’t be that person . . . Start building your wealth instead of adding to your landlord’s wealth – NOW!

Here’s how: Connect with me or your favorite Realtor IMMEDIATELY!

Set an appointment for a consultation to familiarize you with the process. Your Realtor will navigate with you beginning with securing a FULL BLOWN Loan APPROVAL . . . and then enter the market. Keep in mind that buying on the low end of the pricing will be VERY competitive – There will be multiple offers on EVERY house that hits the market (Except the grossly overpriced underconditioned ones).

Listen to and trust your Realtor.

Just DO IT!

Barry Owen


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