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While travelling from Owen Hollow to my office this morning, I saw a man standing beside his relatively new, disabled truck (RAM) with hazard blinkers. Because we truck owners respect each other (We make way for each other to merge in heavy traffic and always acknowledge appreciation with a wave), I pulled over to offer assistance.

What non truck owners probably may not know is that “Brand Matters”, and we are VERY passionate about our brands; therefore, we take great pleasure in assisting other truck owners with other than-our- brand trucks which have FAILED and NEED assistance. (This demonstrates weakness)

This RAM owner had to withstand an appropriate level of snickering and ribbing from this diehard FORD owner while we together worked through the task at hand (changing a flat tire).

It was like shooting fish in a barrel for me . . . He was a sitting duck.

Some folks might disagree that a flat tire has anything whatsoever with the quality of the Brand of truck, but . . . Invariably, after the work was done and we truck owners were respectfully parting ways, I just HAD to poke the bear one last time . . . Glad to help you, but you DO know that, if you had a FORD, this would not have happened, don’t you?

We both chuckled and headed to the office.

1 block later

A lady with a dog in her HONDA accord was standing next to her car looking flustered. The guy in the RAM was behind me . . . We both simultaneously gave each other a thumbs up, and we both pulled over to help get her car out of the travel lane (the engine had stopped).

As I was leaving her, I thought: “If only she were driving a FORD TRUCK” . . .

and the guy behind me was likely thinking: “If only she were driving a RAM TRUCK” . . .

Know your people/Tribe, and serve EVERYONE whenever able.

It’s a truck thing . . .

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